2nd Leg of Honeymoon – Koh Lanta/Krabi (Thailand) #rinisxkbv

Thailand. A country so rich in culture and tradition. A language so soft when spoken. A place so polite and friendly that is it hard not to fall in love with it.

We chose Krabi and Koh Lanta for our 2nd leg of honeymoon. A place we have never been to before. We heard a lot of people say it’s cliché to go there, we should go somewhere else. Well, all the more curious we are to explore!

On this trip, we have decided to splurge a little bit. As it is our honeymoon, we have pre-arranged a private car to pick us up from the airport to our hotel in Koh Lanta. We booked our ride online from krabishuttle Sometimes a little luxury is nice. The journey took slightly more than 2 hours! Inclusive of a car ferry to bring us across the Island. We stayed at a nice place called Rawi Warin Resort and Spa. Booked from where else but my favourite portal booking.com

Krabi Airport

Upon reaching the destination, we were greeted with smiles and welcome drinks. They even provide cold towels for us to wipe our faces due to the hot weather. We were immediately checked in, and were personally guided to our villa on the hotel shuttle. The staff briefed us on the hotel, where to get what and where to go if we need anything. The resort even have a library and not only can you borrow books, you can also borrow DVDs for your lazy nights in.

We were ushered to our rooms, baggage being carried in by the staff. Our bed was decorated with flower petals and a kissing towel swans! The bathtub was ready with warm water and soap and flower petals too! We really feel like VIPs. Not long after settling in, a knock came on our door. They delivered a small heart shaped cake that says “Happy Honeymoon”. I was so touched I felt like crying. We went to the hotel reception to get a map of the Island and right across our hotel is a bike rental shop. Rented a scooter for THB300 for 2 days. (We did not even negotiate the price) We hopped on the bike and the first thing we look for is food! A short ride later, a nice little hut caught my eye. It’s called MON Restaurant. I can never miss my Phad Thai when I am in Thailand. So that is the first thing I ordered without even looking at the menu. Happy tummy is a happy me! After lunch, we went to search for a nearby convenience store to stock up our supplies for the next few days. It’s a routine.

We went to the library to borrow a couple of DVDs and stayed in for the rest of the night.

The next morning we hit the gym, went for breakfast and head out to explore the island. With a map in hand and no helmet for safety, we venture out. We headed north first, enjoying the view of the beaches along the way, stopped a few times to shop. Along the way, there are some retail shops selling beachwear, floats and other swimming needs. We reached Saladan Village. That is where the retail therapy can start. It is not massive but enough to get you spending. The locals says it is more happening at night but because the road is not well lit, we decide to go during the day. The journey to get to Saladan village from our hotel is a good 15 – 20 minutes ride or faster if you are speeding through. We were taking our sweet time breezing through the island. There’s an interesting arrays of shops lined up. A tattoo parlor, salons, hand phone repair shop. Whatever you need you can probably get it from Saladan Village.

We started our way back south, stopping by a local street vendor selling Malay food. We had our lunch there. Phad Thai for me again and head all the way to the other side of the island. To the south where the Old Lanta is. The southern part of Koh Lanta is where you can go for Elephant trekking and visit the Tigers Cave. Both of which we did not go because we do not support animals kept in captivity solely for human’s entertainment. There is a lot of other activities that you can do. Island Hopping, Cave swimming, and Scuba Diving. You can ask your hotel reception if they do guided tours or you can easily find your own tour anywhere along the island. There are many shops that offer these tours. Unfortunately, we came on the wrong time of the year. So we did not do our Scuba Diving as planned. It was raining every day that we were there so the water is really not that great. It was not recommended for us to go diving and be disappointed later. So we skipped that.

We asked our hotel reception for an Island hopping tour and luck was not on our side, all the tours were fully booked. We decide to skip that as well and just enjoy each other’s company and explore the Koh Lanta on our own.

As we head further south, we stopped by a big open spaced market selling vegetables, local fruits, some clothing, and of course street food. We love these kind of market because it is cheap, and the food is usually delicious. We went crazy with the food. Ok, correction I went crazy. My husband, not so much. Bought a little too much food that I will probably not finish (my poor husband will be the one finishing it for me because I do not like to see food wasted). We ventured into Old Lanta Town, enjoying the view of villages and just breathing in fresh air because we are surrounded by trees!

We got back to the resort drenched! It was raining on our way back. As the weather did not permit us to do much, we stayed in till late afternoon. We got a little bored mid-way so we head out to the snooker room to play. I think the last time we played snooker was when we were in our early 20s! Skills was rusty, (not like we had any skills to begin with!) but we had fun. 3 games later, the rain finally stopped. We head to the pool for a swim. The water is warm and the view is beautiful despite the rain earlier.

We head out for dinner even though we are not that hungry. Had a very light meal and head back to the resort to watch our last DVD that we rented and pack up as we were leaving for Krabi town the next day.

It was with a heavy heart that we have to leave such a beautiful place. The staff have been most friendly and helpful. We waited for our car to pick us up then it was another 2 hours journey back to Krabi.

What seems like forever, we finally reach our next destination. We are staying at Krabi Town instead of Ao Nang. A mistake I made when booking the hotel. Lack of research on my part but it’s ok. We will definitely return and stay in Ao Nang the next time. Perhaps we’ll get to do some Scuba Diving the next time round too. We stayed at Sleep Whale Hotel. A simple budget hotel. There is a lot of things that you can do in Krabi Town. One of which is to visit the Emerald Pool. It was closed when we were there. I have already made prior arrangement but due to some reason they are not open and refund me back my money. So we asked the reception if there is any Island Tour going on since we did not get to do that in Koh Lanta. We were booked on a 4 Island Tour the following day. I was quite excited as I have never been on an Island hopping tour before.

We woke up early the next day to wait for the transport to pick us up for the tour. I was expecting a small van but what came was a lorry with about 15 other people on it! So I thought no wonder it’s cheap. We only paid THD 600 per person for this tour. When we reached Ao Nang, we had to register our names with the tour company and paid another THB 400 per person for the marine conservation fees which is compulsory. We were booked on a Long Tail Boat with about 30 others. We were expecting the boat to be bigger and spacious but we thought wrong. We were packed in, sitting very closely to each other, listening to everyone talking at the same time. It was noisy and uncomfortable. Being divers, we are privileged to be going to islands on a private boat with a small group of divers. We will stick to diving thank you very much.

The tour was quite rushed as they have a timeline to adhere to. As it is full moon season, we are not able to go to 2 of the Islands, instead we spend a little more time on an Island called TUP. There was nothing much there except a small hut selling corn and ice cream. The Island is beautiful if there is not many people on it. It has a sand bank that connects the other 2 Islands that we were not able to go to. We had our lunch on PODA Island (lunch is provided by the tour company) and head back to Ao Nang soon after. Suggestion for those who might want to go for these kind of tours, you might want to pay a little more money to tour on a speed boat instead. Additional payment is not expensive at all. Only THB 100 per person. The speedboat carry lesser people so it is more comfortable especially if you have kids. However, if you want to experience Long Tail Boat, no one is stopping you!

We reached our hotel at 4pm, shower, changed and went out again. We rented a scooter from the hotel. THB 300 for 1 day. A little pricey but its ok. We asked for a map too and scoot our way to the night market. Lucky for us, it is quite near. We wanted to experience the Walking Street Market but it is only open during weekends. The night market is located at Soi 10 Maharat Road. They sell mostly food there. You can get Phad Thai to Catfish Curry, soups, seafood and desserts! They also have a few vendors selling clothing and bags. I get crazy when it comes to food. Bought so much for dinner as we planned to eat in our hotel since it’s so near. We also visited the only mall there called Vogue Shopping Mall. They sell mostly women’s stuff so men, you can wait outside. The mall is quite small so we did not really walk much in it, rather we walked outside of it where all the street vendors are. After scouring through the streets, we head back to the hotel to eat and pack up for home.

Although it’s the end of our trip, we are definitely glad to be heading home. There is nothing like home and family. Speaking of family, we would like to wish all mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.

We are looking forward to go home and see our mothers.

Krabi, we will be back.

I hope you enjoy reading our short story.

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Till next flight everyone!




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