Unplanned, last minute trip. This was not on the agenda when planning our trip for 2017. We know they were travelling on tour. We know that they are coming to Singapore. We were planning to catch them when they reach here but luck was not on our side. We couldn’t get the tickets. So what did we do? Bought the tickets to their concert in Bangkok!

Who are we talking about? COLDPLAY of course! It was such an unplanned trip, we did not stay long. Just 3 days. The concert was on 7th April at 7pm. We flew on the day itself at 6.30am. It was one hell of a journey.

On the morning of 7th, we started our day at 4 in the morning and head straight to the airport. Flight was delayed and we depart only at 7am. Reached Don Muaeng Airport (Bangkok) at 8.30am (local time). As we are rushing for time, we took an expensive cab ride to our hotel which was about 1hr drive away. Reached the hotel at about 10am, deposit our bags, and we booked a grab car to the Rajamangala National Stadium to collect out physical tickets. We were lucky that we did not have to wait long for our tickets.

Coldplay Tickets

Once we got these, we have sometime to spare. So we went for lunch and head back to the hotel for a much needed sleep! We have about 4 hours until it’s time to get ready for the concert.

We stayed at THA City Loft Hotel. It is about 5km away from the National Stadium. It is conveniently located at main Ekkamai Road at Soi 6. Right beside the hotel is a big hypermarket and starbucks too! The nearest BTS station (Ekkamai Station) is about 8 minutes walk away. The rate for this hotel is very cheap too! We will definitely consider staying here again. The bed is HUGE and comfortable, toilets are clean, aircon fantastic. We can’t complain.

We woke up at 4pm, showered and get ourselves ready for the concert! Most hotel guest that checked in here are concert goers. We booked a grab car, all excited to make our way to the stadium, only to find out that traffic was terrible! We were stuck for 1.5 hrs in traffic! EVERYONE was going to the stadium! Oh my.. We ended up alighting a little bit further and walked to the stadium as that is the fastest option. That little walk did not dampen our spirit. When we reached the stadium, we found out that our seats was at the highest level of the stadium. The climb up was treacherous! We were soaked in sweat! Only to find out that they messed up the seating arrangement and had to go back down to level 1 again. At that point we were about ready to punch the usher’s face if they make us climb up again. Lucky for us, we were offered seats at the front row!! Now, that made the climbing worthwhile.

We did not take much pictures as we wanted to enjoy the concert without holding the phone all the time. It was a well curated concert, worth all the trouble and the sweat. If you would like to see snippets of the videos, do visit our Travelink IG or Travelink FB. We have posted some videos there.

The next day, we woke up late and re-energised. As we do not have anything specific planned, we went to the place ALL tourist will go to. The Chatuchak Weekend Market. As we did not have breakfast, we head straight to lunch. Famished is the word. We found a nice little eating place along the market that sells halal food. This might be good information for Muslim travellers. Although they do not sell popular local delicacy like Phad thai or Green Curry, they do serve a mean curry rice with chicken! It was delicious!

We went around looking for some knick knacks and got lost trying to find the exit from the market!

We headed to Siam Paragon for coffee and some R&R. As this trip was unplanned, we really don’t have anything else to do except enjoy each other’s company and chilling.

Siam Paragon

 As we were ‘exploring’ the streets of Ekkamai, we found this cool little hangout. This place looks beautiful at night with the lights and makes you feel like you are in Bali sort of. It is especially suitable for those who just like to chill and have a beer or two.

Food Haven in Ekkamai

We headed back for an early night, we were too lazy to even look for food, so we ordered from Food Panda! This is a NO NO when travelling! We give ourselves exception as we have been to Bangkok too many times. Hahaha..

After checking out on the 3rd day here, we head straight to DMK Airport. Same thing, no breakfast and we were hungry. Walked through the whole airport to find a nice place to have a bite, and we found this little “bar” at the end of the airport that sells halal food. Again, this might be good information for Muslim travellers. They sell kebabs, waffles and drinks. A neat little nook to satisfy your hunger pangs.

That is our short unplanned getaway. Bangkok is a nice place to go and explore. You will definitely need more than 3 days to explore the city. Plan your trip wisely, do a little research if you have not been to Bangkok and stay safe!

Till the next flight!




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