An Ounce of Home

Usually when we travel for a long period of time, we will always pack a little something to remind us of home. Be it a picture, a little toy or even a pillow! Somehow, bringing a little something from home gives us that sense of security that no matter where we are in the world, home is usually where the heart belongs – Even if it is an Ounce. Also, if we get homesick really quickly, that little token from home could somehow “cure” our homesickness.

I have a  Travel Companion too. He goes wherever I go. No matter how short my trip is. He is small enough to fit into backpack without taking up too much space. I usually pack him last so that I can take him out from my bag easily.

Even if I am not travelling, he always sleeps with me every night.

In case you are wondering, no. I am not writing about my Fiance. Let me introduce you to my Travel Companion.

Meet Mr. Sharkie

This little fella here is my ounce of home. I’ve had him for almost 5 years now. Never went to bed without hi, so he needs to come with me on my trips. He also makes a good head rest in bus and planes!

He belongs to my best-friend actually. We used to be inseparable; my best-friend and I. We used to travel anywhere together but as we grow older and different priorities took over, we spend less time together and travel much lesser together. We are still good friends though.

By having Sharkie with me, gives me a sense of belonging. I know that no matter where I am in the world, I can always rely on my best-friend to have my back. Also, Sharkie smells like my pillow at home. So that give me the the security that I always have a home to go no matter where I am.

That is my Ounce of Home.

This post is dedicated to my best-friend (Ain) 



















































































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