Forget me not

I love to read and I love to write. I like writing my thoughts down because I know that one day, I will forget and I do not want to forget. Especially fond memories and the amazing experiences that life take me through.

When I started blogging in 2011, it was more like having a personal diary online. I am forgetful. I always forgot where I place my diary or journal and I thought why not have it online where I can never ever lose it. (unless I forgot my password!) But passwords are recoverable, so it was not an issue there. I blogged not to gain followers or to become an internet socialite. It really just started as a personal diary.

Then as years go by, when I start to travel a little bit more often, I thought, why not share my experience with the rest of the world? Why keep the experience all to myself? For those who cannot travel, they can have a little bit of glimpse of how the other side looks like. I love looking and reading about the experiences other travellers went through and the pictures they share just adds to my imagination.

I hope that whatever I share brings a little light to where people want to go.




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