Where to go when you are bored

Do note that this post was taken from our previous blog which we are planning to shutdown.

The last time I’ve been out of Singapore was in March 2016 to Pom Pom Island. Well, actually I did sneak in a very short trip to Tioman in May 2016 but I do not consider that a holiday! I just needed a quick dip in the ocean that’s all. I went to the same place every single time in Tioman. I wrote about it in one of my post so I am not going to write again.

So it’s June now and I am DYING for a trip somewhere. ANYWHERE! As I can’t afford any trips further than JB, I booked myself for a weekend “getaway” in the good ol’ Johor Bahru. I went through my previous postings and I realized that I have never wrote about JB before! Why is that so, I asked myself. Johor Bahru is one of the best place to hang out. It is bustling with life! So many new hipster cafes to explore, the night market if I may say is unlike the ones we have here in Singapore. If you are into “atas” shopping, there are so many malls to go to!
I have decided to do a short write up about Johor Bahru when I check in next month. Won’t be covering a lot of places though as I am only there for 1 night. Keep a lookout!
(I’ll even include a guide for dummies on how to get to JB)
To all my muslim friends, Ramadan Kareem!
Till the next flight!

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