Transport Guide to JB for Dummies.

Do note that this post was taken from our previous blog which we are planning to shutdown.

Via 2nd Link

Take a train to Jurong East. 

From Jurong East, walk over to the interchange and find the bus booth for CW3.
The bus will go straight non stop to Singapore Immigration in Tuas. (Bus fare is $4)
After your passport is cleared, walk out turn right and walk to the very end. You will find a booth for CW3. Board it to JB Custom. (No need to pay anymore as the fare is for the entire trip to JB)
Once you have cleared your passport at JB Custom, walk out, turn left and go to the very end and look out for booth CW3 to Bukit Indah. Ok, here is the tricky part. You have to be aware of what bus you are boarding. 
You have to know where you are heading to in JB. 
There is a separate bus booth to Gelang Patah.
Unless you are going to Gelang Patah, everyone else queues in the same line but the buses do not go to the same destination. There will be someone there to shout out to where the bus is going but in case there is no one, do not hesitate to ask the bus captain. Some bus goes to Perling, some goes to Bukit Indah and occasionally to Larkin. I always board the one to Bukit Indah and alight right in front of Jusco. You won’t miss this mall as it is a huge building to the left of the bus. 
Once I alight, I have a friend to pick me up. If you do have any friends in JB to help, there is always cabs waiting or you can just Uber. 
Jusco is a huge mall. Lots of restaurants, shops and there is even a cinema! Should try watching the cinema there in their beanie theatre. Awesome! 
If you have no idea where to go, you can spend the whole day in Jusco if you want. 
Via Woodlands Checkpoint
There are several Mrt stations that you can take a bus from.
From Woodlands Interchange, take bus 950
From Kranji Mrt Station, take bus 160 or 170 or CW1
From Yishun Interchange, take bus AC7
From Jurong East Interchange, take bus 160
All these buses go to Woodlands Checkpoint.
Once you have reached Woodlands Checkpoint and cleared your passport, take the escalator down to the bus bay. ALL the buses there goes to JB CIQ. (Customs)
Usually, people take back the bus that they board from their first destination as this will save them from paying additional fare.
Once you have reached JB CIQ and cleared your passport, you are already in JB and are free to go anywhere you want!
A 4 minutes walk will take you to City Square Mall and JBCC Komtar Mall.
If you wish to go to other destination, there is always cabs, buses or just Uber/GrabCar.
(Do be extra cautious when taking public transport in JB)
I always prefer going in to JB via public transport rather than driving in. This saves me the hassle of being stuck in traffic jam or worse, getting my car stolen!
I hope this info help you dummies out there!
Safe Travels!
Till the next flight!

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