Thailand Phuket – January 2016

Do note that this post was taken from our previous blog which we are planning to shutdown.


It was meant to be a solo trip for my sister but she changed her mind at the very last minute and decide to ask me along. I make her pay for my flight. hehe.. I have been to Phuket a few years back and I really do not mind going again. However, for this trip, it was a little bit different. We were on a budget. A really tight one. So we skipped all the touristy spots like Island hopping, riding an elephant, blah blah.. and we decide to just RELAX. However, to make up for all that, I booked us into a really nice hotel. (I’ll talk about that later)

We missed our flight. Seriously. Suppose to be at the airport by 8 am or earlier. We were too confident. Instead of taking a cab from home, we took a bus! Did not expect the journey to take so long. By the time we reach the airport, the check in counter was closed. We were told to wait for the next flight out at 6 pm. Of course, delay and catching the next flight out involves money. We had to pay $70 per person to get our tickets changed. So here we are stranded, not wanting to go home as the journey would cost us precious time and also money. After about half an hour of thinking, I thought of my cousin and her house is near the airport! So I called her to ask if we could crash at her place for a few hours. She was more than happy to have us. Being a joker that she is, we were greeted with a hand drawn poster that says “Phuket this way” when we reach her house.

We manage to catch a little snooze before heading to the airport at 3 pm. Fast forward a few hours, we reached our destination safely. We took a public van (shared among 9 person) to our hotel. Only cost us THB180 ($6.90) per person.
We stayed at Ramada Phuket Deevana Patong. It is a new contemporary hotel situated at the heart of Patong Beach. This hotel is a non smoking hotel. So if you need to catch a puff, you have to do it out of the building. I did not take any pictures of this hotel but you can check them out via the link above.
As we reached our destination at night, there was nothing we can do except grab some dinner and catch a good night sleep.
I just love waking up early on my holidays. I always look forward to the breakfast buffet spread. After eating, we went back to the room and took our time to “rejuvenate” before heading outdoors. It was scorching hot! Please don’t forget your sunblock! We left the hotel in the late morning in search of a scooter to rent. It is one of the most convenient way to travel around Phuket. There was a lot of scooter vendors along the streets. You just need to ask. Rental is as cheap as THB250 ($9.60) per day. We took it for 2 days. Off we scoot around Patong. I do not have a motorbike licence, so riding without licence makes it twice as fun. haha! A word of advise, if you want to top up your petrol, please do not top up full unless you are planning to ride outside of Patong.
We went to this mall called Jungceylon. There is nothing there. Just normal shopping stuff. However, opposite of this mall, there is this night food market that is set up daily from 6.30 pm onward. All the Thai street food you can think of, they sell it there. The prices though are not as cheap as you would like it to be. A plate of Phad Thai can set you back about THB100 ($3.80). The same as a plate of Kway Teow here in Singapore. Prices aside, I was happy that we found this place because there is quite a number of halal street food! Imagine my happiness!
We spent most of the day looking for halal eateries and walking through Bangla Road. We decide to call it a day at 8 pm and chillax in our room for the rest of the night.



After breakfast, we decide not to go out until later in the afternoon. So we hit the pool instead. Swam and chill by the pool until we are bored then we head out. We decide to explore the beach. Big mistake. Too crowded. We can’t even find a nice spot to park ourselves. Oh well, we just bought the must have nutella pancake and sit by the roadside for a while before scooting back off to the hotel to change.

We left the hotel, parked our bikes at Jungceylon Mall and decide to explore the rest of Patong on foot. As the sun descends, the streets become a different place. Bangla Road transforms into something else. The pretty ladyboys openly displaying their services. I am in awe of how pretty they are. Flawless, smooth skin. Slim beautiful beach worthy bikini bodies. Kinda makes me ashamed that I did not take good care of myself. haha. We did not go to the bars, clubs or anything like that. Just simply passed by to see see look look. A very happening place for party animals. After a few hours of walking, we decide to call it a day. My feet hurts.


Today we decided to try the beach again. Left the hotel directly after breakfast. Scooted there, made a U turn and head back to the hotel and to the pool. hahaha.

The beach was already crowded in the early morning.We relaxed and chilled by the pool until afternoon, went out to return our scooter, bought dinner at the night market and head back to hotel for more R&R. (I did mention that we are on a very relaxed trip right) We have an early flight to catch the next day, so I made a reservation for taxi which cost me THB800 ($30.75). I booked the taxi online. It was very reliable and also cheaper than having to book it through the hotel. Phuket Shuttle


That is the end of my short and very relaxed trip to Phuket. Even though we did not do anything much, it was a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. As long as I am out of Singapore!
I did not take much pictures in Phuket, but you guys can check out the short video I made on this trip.
Until the next flight!
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