Miri Sarawak – June 2015

Do note that this post was taken from our previous blog which we are planning to shutdown.


We’ve never been to this part of Malaysia before and since our friend moved to Miri 5 years ago, never once did we go and visit.  So naturally we are excited!
We took the 12pm flight from JB-Miri. Journey was about 2 hours. Once we touched down, sense of relief came over us. The plane was full of crying babies! It’s not their fault that they cried or anything but OMG! hahaha!

Anyway, our friend was already waiting anxiously at the arrival hall. It’s been too long! So much to catch up on!.
The plan was to bring us for lunch while waiting for her partner to finish work. Apparently that plan did not work out well.
Everywhere we go, shops are already closed. The date that we chose to visit happens to be the weekend of “Hari Gawai” for the Sarawakians. “Hari Gawai” is a big deal for them. It is a festival celebrated by Dayaks in Sarawak and West Kalimantan. Official Public Holidays are from 31st May to 1st June every year. It is both a religious and social occasion.
So, we went driving around and around until we saw the only place that is open. Fish and Co. I know right? Of all places. But we did not have much choice and we were hungry. Nonetheless, we had fun talking and catching up, that we lost track of time. Time to fetch her partner back from work.

After that, we went back to her house. We did not book a hotel as she insist that we stay with her. We showered and freshen up a little and out we go again. She brought us to this Pasar Malam called ‘Seberkas’. This place is a must visit if you are ever in Miri. We were in awe at how big and festive looking their Pasar Malam was. The food that was sold there was just incredible. Ultimate street food. LOL.
We were trying our hardest not to spend too much on food and what not. It took ALOT of will power.
We ended up just buying Kek Lapis Sarawak for our mothers.

After spending a few hours here, it’s time for dinner. Our friend brought us to this seafood place near  her office. It is one of the best place to eat seafood in Miri she says. It’s called Yi Hah Hai Seafood.
Ok, one thing about this place, if you cannot take the low tide stench we really do not recommend sitting outdoors.
The food was nice. But the service is not really there. Pricing is really good too. Cheap! We ordered too much for 4 person but we manage to finish it. The salted egg crab is a must try.

Lot 892 – 893,
Miri Waterfront Centre,
98000 Miri,

Telephone / Fax : 6 085 – 433401

We were too tired to do anything else after dinner so we head home and prepare for a really early day the next day.



Saturday morning. We woke up at 6am. Actually we were forced to wake up that early! We do not know what they have planned for us as they did not want to tell us anything. It’s a surprise they say. So we just go with the flow. We left the house at 7am sharp!. Headed out for breakfast at one of their favorite cafe called ‘Mui Fang Bakery & Cafe’.
We were recommended to try their Laksa Sarawak. (mind you it’s too early for Laksa but we took up the challenge)
No regrets! It is tasty and we love it.

No. Lot 1004 – 1005, King’s Commercial Centre, Sarawak, 98000 Miri, Malaysia

+60 85-420 696

After breakfast, we head out to our secret destination (secret to us at least). About an hour and a half drive later, we reached this place called  Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort

Address: KM36 Miri-Bintulu Road Lot 15 Block 2, 98000, Sarawak, Malaysia
We love nature and trekking and all so this place was perfect! We were so excited!
This place have so much activities that you can plan out during your stay here. As we are only staying for one night, we did not manage to fully explore this place.
We requested our room to be the chalet type of room above the river. The room was beautiful and air conditioned.
After checking in, we made our way to do a little jungle trekking. Ok, so we cheated. We were not on foot all the time. Instead, we visit the jungle on a huge trailer. Stopping by some sites to do a walk through to the animal farm and also to take a boat ride out to the man-made river to feed some fishes.
We even stop by the waterfall for a dip!
By the time we finished our jungle tour, it was time for lunch. The lunch was served buffet style at a restaurant called One Tree Hill. (sounds like a familiar TV show right?)
We rested for a while before making our way to the water park. But before that, we did Flying Fox and went kayaking around the river ourselves.
We were too tired to row the boat anymore. All we want to do is soak ourselves in the swimming pool because it was too hot!
We head out to the Water Park and this we have to say. I was a little disappointed with the maintenance of the place. There was no proper lifeguard on duty. So you swim and play the slides at your own risk.
The water although clean, but there was too many leaves and twigs in it.
Luckily we were with a bunch of happy people. We soon forgot the flaws of the place and was having fun.
We played till almost dinnertime. Like children!
Dinner was held buffet style at another restaurant called Palm Restaurant and Bar. after dinner, we decide to have some adult time and chill by the river outside our room till late night.



Sunday morning. Again, we were forced to wake up at 6.30am. We had to leave the place after breakfast to go to our next destination. This time it is no surprise. We were heading to Brunei. Which is about 2.5 hours drive from where we are.

We have never been to Brunei before. Many said that the place is ‘dead’ after 6pm. After what seems like a never ending drive, we finally reach our destination. We headed to a sushi place for lunch.
As Brunei and Singapore’s currency is the same, we did not change any Brunei dollars as they accept Singapore dollars too. It felt weird to use SGD to pay when we are actually not in Singapore!
After lunch, we went for a tour at their ‘Kampung Ayer’. (Water Village).
Although Bruneians are rich, they still maintain and kept this part of their heritage. (Their kampung houses are all air conditioned, mind you!)
The boat tour cost us B$5.00 per person. The boatman will bring you around the water village, with some history lessons! It was enriching.
Although it was a really short trip to Brunei, we will consider coming back to experience staying at one of the many guesthouse available at the Water Village.
We felt like it was such a long day and the heat is killing us. We decide to stop for coffee at Starbucks before heading home.
We decide to spend the rest of the evening just ‘lepaking’ at home and eat instant noodles because we have to catch the morning flight.
Sarawak is such a beautiful place to explore and 4 days is definitely not enough. We will definitely have to come back here some time soon.

For more pictures, visit our Instagram

Till the next flight!




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