Indonesia – Bandung (2014)

Do note that this post was taken from our previous blog which we are planning to shutdown.


Reached Bandung, Hendri, our driver was already waiting. Our names were written in big bold letters on the piece of paper that he was holding,
To go around Bandung, it is really recommended that you book a vehicle+driver for your days there prior to coming.
It will cost you about RP650,000 (SGD70) for about 12 hours of usage (we split it 3 ways so per person is about S$23) You can try to negotiate for a lower price though but this is the rate now.
If you book a vehicle, it will save you the hassle of looking for a cab (and get cheated on the fare)
If it is your first time in Bandung, you can make plans with the driver to bring you to the best places in town.
We used the services of a guy called Pak Aji. He has a pool of vehicle for rent and would assign a driver to you. His prices can get a little expensive but he brings us to the best places. His number to call or whatsapp is: +62 818 987464.
If you are the adventurous type and on a really tight budget, you can take their “Angkotan Kota” which is their public transport. It is similar to a bus except that it’s a van.
The fare is really cheap. It cost about RP 2000-5000 (SGD 0.20 to 0.50) for a one way trip.
(You need to be sure of where you are going though)
There is also another alternative, to go by Taxi but you need to ask if the driver go by meter or he will charge you ridiculous price. Recommended taxis are Blue Bird or Putra. Prices on the meter starts at RP 7000 (SGD 0.70)
We stayed at Aston International Hotel and Residences on Braga road. As usual, our hotel were booked through  It was really cheap! S$240 for 3D2N. We split it 3 ways so it’s just S$80 per person. We really love the hotel we stayed in. As there’s 3 of us, we booked the 2 bedroom apartment. It comes with a small kitchenette connected to the living room for you to do light cooking (or heavy, but who cooks on a holiday right?) There’s a fridge and also water boiler.

Our hotel is situated on Braga road and it is connected to Braga city walk. Braga city walk is a small mall with a mart, a pharmacy, a huge gym, 2 family karaoke centers, a movie theatre and surrounded by nice cafes (Starbucks included) It is really recommended if you are coming with kids or elderly. The breakfast served at this hotel is really sumptuous. You can enjoy your morning meal by the poolside while your kids are having their swim.

We did not tour the city on the first day. We had our lunch on the go, buying some bread from the bakery ‘Breadlite’. For dinner, we tried this cafe called ‘Giggle Box’. This cafe is linked to another cafe called ‘Tokyo Connection’. So, the server will give you 2 menus and you can choose to have Japanese or Western food.

We had spaghetti carbonara and Ramen. The Japanese food selection is wide and the Ramen that was served was of a huge portion and it was delicious. Price for it was only RP 35,000 (SGD 3.80). Their cabonara was really cheesy and it only cost RP 40,000 (SGD 4.30) Cost of food in Bandung is really cheap. Don’t be afraid to splurge because it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. After dinner, we decided to sing at one of their karaoke center. The price for karaoke is incredibly cheap. 2 hours, nice cosy room, with drinks only cost us RP 197,000 (SGD 21.00). *roll eyes* right?

We also decide to catch a late night movie. It only cost RP 35,000 (SGD 3.80) per person and you can get the popcorn set from as low RP 10,000 (SGD 1.05).

After singing our hearts out, we decide to head back have a good night sleep. We have to be up at 0530 hours the next day for a city tour! Exciting!

capture capture4capture2 capture1


Woke up at 5.30am just so that we can head down for breakfast at 6.30am.
Hendri will be waiting at the lobby by 8.00am.
The breakfast spread was fantastic. It ranges from local dishes like Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Lontong, fried vegetables. Then there is a section for pastries, danishes, toast and cereals.
Desserts are also served during breakfast! Ice Cream included!
There is a small section for Japanese cuisine like Sushi and Miso Soup.
As our journey is going to take about 3 hours, we stuffed our faces with all the goodies.

We travelled for 3 hours to a volcanic area called Kawah Putih. It is south from Bandung, capital city of West Java. As we travelled in the car, we found ourselves surrounded by magnificent sceneries. Hendri took a road travelling through the Kampung (village) areas where you will see a rolling evergreen landscape of neatly cropped tea bushes, children running freely on the road despite the heavy and dangerous traffic of Indonesia. As we get nearer to our destination, we see clumps of tropical forests and misty hilltops. The weather gets colder as we get higher. Amidst this fascinating setting, a surreal beauty radiates from an enchanting crater known as Kawah Putih or literary translated as White Crater.
As the name suggests, the Crater Lake and it’s surroundings are dominated by a pale white color which radiates a hypnotizing ambience. The vast dormant volcanic crater is filled with surreal turquoise colored water. On sunny days, the color of the lake is stark and bright while on cloudy days, the entire crater can be shrouded in mist which present its own mystical beauty.
The tree clad cliffs surrounding the crater is about 2,500 meters above sea level. The entry fee for this place is only RP 30,000 (SGD 5.30) for international tourist.
If you have your personal vehicle, an additional RP 150,000 (SGD 16.00) will be charged.
If you do not have your own vehicle, you can take the site van which can fit up to 7 people.

This is a reminder to all who are planning to visit this site. Please remember to bring your jacket along as it can get very cold up there and a mask too as the smell of sulphur is quite overwhelming for some. We chocked and froze our way through.

Kawah Putih Sugihmukti, Pasirjambu, Bandung 40972, Indonesia

After this amazing tour, we decided we had enough and made our way down to pick some strawberries. This area has got many strawberry farms. We couldn’t decide which one to go, so we settled for a small farm down the road. The cost of the picked berries is RP 50,000 (SGD 5.30) per KG.
The nice lady there gave us a small basket and scissors to start farming! We went crazy. The strawberries are all so red, fresh and big!
A small note though, be prepared to get your shoes and pants dirty from the mud in the farm.

After all those activities, we were hungry. We decide to have lunch at a nearby restaurant. Hendri took us to Saung Andir just down the road from the strawberry farm.
If you are going to Kawah Putih, I would really recommend this place to eat. The fried chicken with sambal hijau (Green Chilli Paste) is simply OMG. We are not exaggerating, seriously.
JL. Raya Bandung Ciwidey, Km. 26, Ciwidey, Jawa Barat, Indonesia    +62 813-2241-3881
After all this, we’re in for another 3 hours ride back to Bandung. One of us wanted shopping so badly so Hendri took us to Jalan Riau. There are so many factory outlets there along the streets. The clothing there are not too bad but the prices are not as cheap as we thought it would be. We took about 3 hours to shop. Spending most of our time in Secret factory outlet.
After shopping, we head back to our car where Hendri is waiting. Poor guy fell asleep while waiting. We had to knock on the window to wake him up. Time for dinner and Hendri took us to The Stone Cafe. We have to say, this is our favourite place in Bandung! It is simply beautiful with it’s outstanding view of Bandung. The place is very good for chilling and relaxing. We were told that the live band plays every night. One of us requested if she could sing with the band, and they graciously open the stage for her. She sang 2 songs and it was beautiful. Oh, forgot to mention that the food served is good and cheap too! This place is a MUST GO when you visit Bandung. WE LOVE IT! 2 thumbs up!
The Stone cafe is situated in Jalan Dago.
We were having so much fun, it was a drag to have to go back to the hotel. But we were tired and we have to start packing to go home the next day.
Jl. Rancakendal Luhur No. 5, Dago Atas, Jawa Barat 40198, Indonesia       +62 22 2500577

capture capture1   capture2 capture3 capture4 capture5 capture6 capture7 capture8 capture capture1 capture2 capture3 capture4


As we did not have anything planned for the 3rd day, we decided to wake up a little bit later. We went down for breakfast and see if we can go anywhere nearby. Since we did not hire Hendri for our last day here, we decided to get a cab (Blue Bird) and head to Pasar Baru. From Aston Braga Hotel, it is only a 10 mins drive down to Pasar Baru and it only cost RP 35,000 (SGD 3.70). For those who wants to bulk purchase textiles and fabrics, this is the place to be. Personally we did not find anything we fancy.
Be careful when you shop here though. The street seller will come to you to offer cheap magnets, bags, drinks. If you do not have the intention to buy, please do not ask for the price as they can get a bit aggressive and follow you around as they lower their price at an all time low.
We did get a little bit scared. Be careful of your belongings too. Make sure that your sling bags are slung to the front at all times when shopping.

When we are done, we took a cab from Pasar Baru to Kartika Sari near our hotel. We bought some Ole-Ole (goodies) for home and office. Their Bagelen Toast is our favourite! Go try it for yourself.

And that sums up our 3 days trip to Bandung. Will we come back here again? We most probably would.

For more pictures, visit our Instagram

Till the next flight!





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