Bangkok (way back in 2011)

Do note that this post was taken from our previous blog which we are planning to shutdown.


The day that we are looking forward to is finally here! We arrived in Subvabhumi Airport (Bangkok) at 0830 hours. Took the train to Ratchaprarop station and walked a little to our hotel. We decided to stay at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel based on the guest reviews on the website. We always booked hotel through They have the most attractive rates and we simply love the fact that we do not have to pay upon booking and flexible cancellation policy in case that we can’t make it for the trip.
As we arrived a little too early for check in, we decided to just leave our luggage at the lobby and walked around the hotel vicinity. Little did we know, the area we are staying at is the place for shopping! Rows and rows of little shops set up along the streets. We went crazy of course! That was also the moment we realised that this trip is going to be a tiring one. We lost track of time (also lost our way a little) and did not check in until 1700 hours.

Once we got settled in our room, showered and tried all our new purchase, it was already 2000 hours and we have not had any dinner yet! We are tired, so room service it is! We decide to have an early night. It feels like a long day.


Breakfast was served as early as 0600 hours. One of us decides to wake up at that exact timing and make us get up too. No time shall be wasted she say.
After breakfast, we went shopping immediately after. Honestly, we were all exhausted. It’s only the 2nd day and our feet is sore from all the walking  we did. We decide to go to the Siam Ocean World (i think they have changed their name to Sea Life Ocean World) It is situated in Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. Now that is something we truly enjoyed. As much as we do not like to see animals in captivity, it was the closest to the ocean we can get. We like to think of it as conservation and educational purposes. Being there makes us miss scuba diving. Apart from visiting the beautiful aquarium, the day passed by with more shopping. We might need to get extra luggage home. We did not get to go the the famous Chatuchak Market as it was a weekday. We could only imagine what sort of damage that would have done to our already damaged wallet. Early night for us again tonight!
It’s the day that we visited the floating market. We were kinda disappointed with it  because when we look in the picture, it’s not what we expect to see when we get there. There was nothing much to go on about the floating market except that we don’t get to see such sights in our country. We spent half the day at the floating market before heading back to our hotel area for more shopping. We wanted a quick getaway, and with not much of a plan, we decide to just spend 3 days here in Bangkok.

This is our first trip to Bangkok and we are definitely going to come back and explore other places and not do so much shopping. So this is it. Our 3 days of not doing anything else except shopping. We ended up buying 2 extra luggage back home and we don’t even want to start calculating how much money we spent! Let’s just leave it be.

Back to work, earn some more money for our next trip! Till next flight!

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